Hello world!

By: Alexandria Riedinger

Sep 05 2007

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Seriously,  HELLO!

I have now joined the blogging world, and it feels good to be here, thanks a bunch everyone. But on a lighter note, I dedicate this blog to information. As do most people. But I want to share with you, that’s right, you there, staring at the little screen in front of you, my research and my discoveries about this……

ta da!

Viral Marketing in the Online Social Network, Spreading by “Word of Mouse”

Catchy, isn’t it? It is the title of my thesis. (Yes, I am an underappreciated, typical partying, hates 8 AM classes, college student) . However, as a Marketing major, I find myself intrigued with all things marketing (with the exception of marketing research. Not a fan of staring at data all day. Who is??).  Anyways, I am writing a thesis on Viral marketing and it’s effectiveness in the environment of online social networks, ya know, those things that all teenagers have, the thing that drives half the older population crazy, and the thing that is out to make my generation some freakin’ dough!

So, you can follow along if you like. Please, don’t hesitate to leave comments, because quite frankly, I could use all the help I can get, and hope you enjoy pondering my ideas as much as I do (which you probably don’t, but hey, that’s ok).

So let’s get started……..tomorrow that is.


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