Have you heard the Buzz about Blogger Reps?

By: Alexandria Riedinger

Jan 28 2008

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My trips to L.A. are always full of interesting and simply put, fun people.

Through my “sister”, the fabulous Kyra Reed, I have met some of the coolest and hippest, not to forget intelligent, people that live in the City of Angels. Two that stood out this last trip are Marjorie Kase, President and CEO of Blogger Reps and as equally cool, Audrey Bernstein, a lifestyle expert.

Now for the buzz on Marjorie! Here is a little bit about her and be sure to check out her website!

As President and CEO, Marjorie Kase is responsible for both business
development and brand awareness for SOCIABLE Agency. Marjorie
founded the company after her successful tenure as Founder and Managing
Editor of TV with MeeVee where she oversaw editorial and
marketing efforts, blogger relations, TV network relations, and red
carpet reporting.

Prior to joining MeeVee, Marjorie was the TV and Film Editor at
Common Sense Media. She has also held positions in Promotions
Project Management at Yahoo!, Yoyodyne Entertainment, and Red Bull
GmbH. Her written work has appeared in various print publications,
blogs, and websites including Sassy Magazine, Rolling Stone, AOL,
Netflix, iVillage, BlogCritics, TVGasm and the Razorfish Subnetwork.
Marjorie holds a Bachelors degree in American History and Film at
Oberlin College and a Masters Degree in Adolescent Media
Consumption from the University of Texas at Austin.
Originally from Long Island, Marjorie currently divides her time
between Los Angeles and San Francisco. She is a proud member of the
Television Critics Association (TCA).

Watch out for this woman! She is a phenomenom!


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