My Questionnaire is here!

By: Alexandria Riedinger

Feb 01 2008

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Hey all,

so after many revisions, I have finalized my questionnaire to test the hypothesis about my thesis. After all the research I have done on viral marketing and all the different directions I could have examined, I finally decided to look at online social tools along with the use of incentives in determining the success of a viral marketing campaign. More is to come, but here is the link for my questionnaire….feel free to complete it and by all means, comments are welcome and encouraged!

Click Here to take survey


2 comments on “My Questionnaire is here!”

  1. Hi…,

    I’m interested in knowing the results of your thesis. I want to write my thesis on online social networks as well but i’m not really sure yet which issue i should really get in depth to, at least for now. Maybe your thesis could support me with some insights.
    Thank you and have a great day.


  2. Hello Yudha,

    Thanks for the comment. First off, that is great that you are writing your thesis on social networks, it’s interesting and cutting edge stuff. My results were pretty interesting actually.

    I tested how different online social tools (including 1. social networks, 2.recommendation networks, 3.blogs, & instant messaging, and 5.user generated content sites) in use with psychological and/or financial incentives resulted in successful viral marketing campaigns.

    When surveying marketing companies in California, I discovered that every one of those tools worked best with psychological incentives and resulted in greater client satisfaction, therefore leading to successful viral marketing campaigns.

    Not sure if it directly applies to what you may be doing. But something I really wanted to look into was the environment that viral marketing thrives in. And the theory of nodes and connectors within a social market and how that applies or doesn’t apply online. Hope that helps, let me know what you choose and please forgive me for responding so late, won’t happen again!


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