New life, new fun, oh My Alexandriar!

Welcome to L.A.-Land of Ambition? Land of Astonishment? or maybe Land of Anger…haha, drivers that is. My first week in Los Angeles. Yes, it’s been a while since you and I, but I’m back with some interesting news to tell you.

So I am graduated and officially the intern in the Global Marketing Partnerships department of 20th Century Fox. Every preconception I had about Fox and its obnoxious corporation, has been dissolved. It is probably because I am on the creative floor with promotions, marketing, and design. That’s right, our floor is fun and creative and everyone wants to be on our floor.

To be initiated into the LA new media and marketing scene, I’ve started making the rounds to some cool events…Drinks 2.0, Little Radio Summer Camp and a Social Media Summer Camp as well. My first introduction to this new almost underground world of Internet geeks (i say that lovingly) was with Drinks 2.0, a collaboration of people around LA networking, drinking, throwing around ideas. The usuals were there, start-up cos, brand managers, bankers, monkeys, mathematicians. YES, that is right, I said mathematician! Interesting combination, but even I made some contacts.

I’ve discovered I’m more interesting than I thought…


3 comments on “New life, new fun, oh My Alexandriar!”

  1. Great post and yes you are interesting!

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