Copyblogger: be a kickass freelance writer

My current infatuation with Copyblogger has led me to some great work. And if you’re an aspiring copy writer, writer, or blogger, you need to check out their site. Their most recent post “10 Tips for Kicking Ass as a Freelnace Writer” is very useful and pretty interesting. You can always guarantee their writing to be good, and great.

In summary, it’s not about the basics, not how well you spell, or even write for that matter, yes I said it. It’s about your personality and letting it shine through, for lack of a better phrase.

Here are my favorite tips to steal from top kick-ass writers — so you can give them a swift kick and be a contender.

  • Readers don’t care about writing mechanics. Go ahead, use but, no commas, and incomplete sentences. As long as it make sense, right?
  • Readers want to be interested. Your job is to get people to read the next word. Be interesting. And yes, there is a how-to for that.
  • Readers like personality. When readers find someone that is fun and interesting, they pay more attention.

  • Readers like secrets. Go ahead, spill the beans. Share an embarrassing moment. You have to create that special bond with your reader.
  • Readers like confidence. Enough said.
  • Readers like something different. Have your own edge, be distinguishable. Take a few minutes to find out your difference.
  • Everyone likes you to tell it like it is. Be honest and upfront with your readers. They will appreciate it.

Hope you enjoyed. Visit their site for the rest of them. To me, they are all common sense, but it’s nice to be reminded.

-Your Myalexandriar


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