Take me away little blue boat

By: Alexandria Riedinger

Jul 28 2009

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Category: Travel & Adventure

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Weekends are always full of adventure for me. Just check my Facebook. But last weekend marked a milestone that has pushed B and I (for B, so you know, is a certain, handsome male companion), further toward our goal of sailing around the world. Ha, well, we are pretty far from that and I was certainly thinking that as we were being heavily blown around a lake this weekend with sporadic bursts of engine power and sails that we couldn’t get up.

But we were trying our hardest!

The wind was just trying harder. I realized then that the power of our environment will not ever be matched, or so I believe. There was no way that we were going to beat the wind into submission and make it go into our sails the way we wanted it to. No way, whatsoever. But what was also interesting was how the environment, the whipping of the wind, and pushing tides of the water, was able to draw out the most natural of human behaviors: survival.

I absolutely love witnessing the changing and emerging traits of humans in different situations. It’s interesting to see what they will do without thinking and what they will not do, because they were thinking too much. I think that is a reason I am passionate about traveling and adventure. And always will be.

So maybe sailing around the world will have to wait a while, but in the meantime, we will keep sailing away.


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