can’t stop the media

By: Alexandria Riedinger

Aug 11 2009

Category: Life & Happenings

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As we build our own web presence at work centered around the idea that you can’t stop what’s happening in media, you can only move with it, I wrote this whitepaper, which, we haven’t made into a whitepaper yet, but here is a sample of it. Enjoy!

The days of slapping an ad in the yellow pages and calling it marketing is over. Now it is social media this, Twitter that, and who has the most creative video on YouTube.

New media has changed the world, forcing marketers and businesses to adapt to the new rules of communication and attempt to keep up with the shifting digital age. Although it may be overwhelming to stay technologically savvy, this new age of social and interactive media holds as a great source of power for all businesses alike.

Bottom line is, you can’t stop the progress of new media and you can’t slow it down. You can only embrace it and learn how to harness the power of it for the good of your company. And you better do it creatively.

Sadly, creativity is almost at its vanishing point in online marketing. With ads that were built based on how many clicks or views it could capture, now less than 0.1% are actually clicked according to ComScore.

It has to be about giving your customers an experience through your marketing message. One with your product that is long lasting and memorable.

“We simply have got to emerge from under the shadow of our technological wizardry and start paying attention to the power of great creativity.” As said by Randy Rothenberg, CEO of Interactive Advertising Bureau.

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One comment on “ can’t stop the media”

  1. Great creativity will take us a long way. Most local business owners are getting slapped hard as the internet continue to grow. Will they be able to make it if they don’t adapt to current times and methods of communicating? I doubt it.

    Businesses who refuse to adapt are going out of business and those who do are seeing a consumer surge in some sectors.

    Keep posting good info like this and some will survive.

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