My farmer’s market

By: Alexandria Riedinger

Jan 23 2010

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Category: Life & Happenings


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This morning, I started the day right. With a trip to the Visalia Farmers Market.

One of the many things I love about the sleepy town of Visalia is the community that goes to the farmers market, and of course the farmers market itself. There is a feeling of doing right by nature every time I buy from the farmers. I spoke with a few farmers this morning and will be setting up some time to do a farm visit soon for Local Choices. I’ve decided I really want to make an effort to be aware of food and the life growing around me. Food is our lifeline, it really is, and I feel most people, including myself sometimes, just eat without being mindful of what food is to them. Next time you eat, just think about the food you’re eating. Try it, it’s amazing. For example, lettuce…think of the seed that was planted, think of the water seeping into the soil, becoming moist and sprouting. Think of the farmer picking it with his own hands and placing it in a box to go to you. Do you look at your lettuce a little differently now?? Hope so.


2 comments on “My farmer’s market”

  1. My Alexander….
    What a pleasant surprize to receive your visit today. I enjoyed it! Your website is fun and vibrant, like yourself.
    Be happy with your life, you only get ONE. Moving on in doing some the things you mentioned sound good and fullfilling. That ole saying of “inner peace starts from within” is so overstated. No matter where were blossoming in life it’s where our story begins. Make each day as bountiful as one can, for sure it leads us to the next day with eagerness or reluctance.
    As soon as I can organize a ride over to Mr. Putnam’s I shall call. Jazmine, you and I are Farm Girls in our hearts and of the earth…Yeah we are and we always will be. I suggest we have a tea party real soon and wear festive hats and have a visit.
    Your friend and former neighbor for Always Pat

    • Thank you former neighbor! It’s such a pleasure to have you on my site, it means a lot to me. And thank you for your inspiration! You are so right and I love talking to you about life. Please call for a tea party as I would love to get pictures, what fun that would be! I could post about it! Be well!

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