Meeting sailors at Plaza Park

By: Alexandria Riedinger

Feb 02 2010

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Focal Length:3.85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 3GS

One lazy Sunday afternoon, Skipper, B and I headed to our local Plaza Park to stretch our legs at the dog park there and came upon a small group of sailors. These were not your ordinary sailors, they were sailing small, but perfect replica, sailboats! In the pond! Of course, B and I had to talk to them, being that we are passionate about all things sailing (even though we still aren’t even close to being sailors and I don’t own any sailing shoes).

But…they were the nicest old men I have talked to in a long time! And I say ‘old’ in an endearing way, the way you love your father or grandfather and look at them through childs’ eyes.  They began explaining everything immediately and I giggled when they started pulling out all their racing boats and unfinished models out of the cars. Reminded me of all those younger little brothers that pull out their best toys to show off when you come around. It was sweet, they even let me and B drive one.

So come to find out, they have their own yatcht club (with real sized sailboats) and just come here every Sunday to enjoy the Park and race around the pond. What a way to spend a Sunday.


2 comments on “Meeting sailors at Plaza Park”

  1. It was a great time…only if you knew the website!

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