Living the Exile Lifestyle

By: Alexandria Riedinger

Feb 06 2010

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One green egg. Have you ever seen one? It stood out this morning as I was making my eggs. Scrambled if you’re curious. But I started wondering how this came about and the significance of why, out of all the eggs in the world, would mine be green?

It really is funny. Considering what an advocate I am for ‘green’ living and travel. It’s rare and it’s doing something that no other egg is. Makes me think of my plans for traveling and how I’m going to be doing something that no one else is. Leaving the safe havens of this world, where they tell you to go to school, get a job, start a family and retire, only to pass this cycle on to your children.

Well, I’m already tired of this cycle. And I’m only in my early twenties. So let’s shake things up. Here is a man who is. And I think it’s brilliant, daring, and inspiring. His name is Colin Wright and he lives the Exile Lifestyle. His blog is dedicated to his fans who, upon entering a poll, decide where he moves to around the world. He is moving to New Zealand and usually stays in these different cities for a few months, working and getting immersed in the culture. To sustain his travels, he runs a branding/design company called Colin is My Name, that is practical, beautiful and sustainable.

It’s amazing.


3 comments on “Living the Exile Lifestyle”

  1. This is exciting…And I’m so envious of you….You jumped!!! Congrats.

  2. hey alex 🙂 so I read all of ur blog so far, I’m curious how did you find out about colin and his whole thing, it’s totally fascinating to me.

    • Hey Anthea, thanks for reading everything so far, there is definitely much more to come! Honestly, I don’t even remember how I came across Colin, I think I was just on one blog, that led me to another, that led me to his. Ha, all that matters is that I found him and love what he’s doing. It’s great huh? You’ll be happy to hear I have a lunch meeting with him Saturday in LA. Is there anything you’d like to ask him!?

      Let me know!

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