The first step to the travels of my life

“Anything I’ve ever done that ultimately was worthwhile…initially scared me to death.”

-Betty Bender

Oh, how true that is. Yesterday, I set in motion a dream I have had for the past few years, to become a travel writer. I did it, I finally said a big, hearty yes! to my adventure. And I quit my job. Well, I gave my month’s notice. As much as I love where I am, a small boutique marketing agency, I have to go. Where? I am not sure at the moment, but like my lovely Sophia above, I am looking forward and always will.

A free spirit, some friends have called me. And I’ve come to accept that, nay, embrace it! So between B and I amicably ending our relationship, some roads just split and that’s ok I’ve realized, and me leaving my steady 9 – 5er, all that’s left is to to decide where to go from here.

And that is the most exciting part!


11 comments on “The first step to the travels of my life”

  1. Oh my gosh Alex!! Congrats on the big decision! I know you will do great! Since I’ve known you traveling has always been something that you are so passionate about, I have felt that being in Visalia, getting married and starting a family this young isn’t you and I know that with everyone around you doing that, it can be very confusing. That is one of the big reason’s we left! There was this mold around us that everyone was trying to fit and Andrew and I looked at eachother and decided that isn’t us and we didn’t fit in anymore, so we went seeking a new place to experience! I miss you so much and can’t wait to hear more about where life leads you!

  2. Oh Ali you decided to leave your job sooner than you thought when you were out here visiting?? I’m down with a terribble cold but don’t you slip out of town before I get to see you again! Your Neighbor Pat

  3. You did what most can’t/won’t do….You jumped!!! Fantastic.

  4. I am so proud of you Al! Congrats on taking that big leap…it’s scary and out of the box and exactly what you should be doing! Can’t wait to see how things unfold for you over the next few years, and the beautiful woman that you become through your travels. Love you so much.

  5. Hey Alex! how have you been? I just saw that u had a blog on facebook and that ur becoming a travel writer?? I am SO jealous and excited for you! Totally excited to see how amazing ur adventures will be. SOOOOO JEALOUS! gluck girl!

  6. @Angela, thanks and I know exactly what you are talking about. Some people are made for that and that’s totally ok with me, I am just not one of them. At least not yet! Ha, I have a few years before I want to think about all that.

    @Pat, of course I will see you! We still have a tea party : ) to plan!

    @Steve, yes, I jumped. And it feels good!

    @Kyra, thanks doll : ) for pushing.

  7. @Anthea, hey! thanks for all the support, haha, I love/slightly need all the encouragement I can get to actually go after this! If this is something that makes you envious, then why aren’t you doing it to?! Once you take that first infinitely small step, everything will fall into place and you’ll notice a change in yourself. It’s so empowering, I am loving it! Keep in touch and I’ll let you know where all this takes me.

    Thought you’d enjoy this.

  9. Pat! Thanks for that, loved it, how great that blog was. Looks like there are some good things there!

  10. Congratulations! I’m with you! I recently quit my job (last day was end of January) and I’m heading to South India in about 4 weeks to begin my nomadic journey!

    I know how tough and risky it must feel, but what bad could possibly come from following your dreams? 🙂

  11. […] small events leading up to the moment that I felt alive. It was over a year ago and I had finally made the decision to follow my dreams of being a writer and traveling the world. And it all came together when I […]

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