My written farewell to Visalia

This is the day I say good-bye to Visalia. The quaint little town that introduces the beauty of the mountains and the foot hills that surround it. For the past year, I have lived here with B and cannot leave without giving Visalia and my life here the mention it deserves.

After saying goodbye to many great friends and family, there were a few things I had to indulge in before I left…but one was very important.

One last Strawberry Basil martini from my beloved Jack and Charlies.

There’s nothing I love more than a unique, old world bar that leaves a lasting impression on you…and you know what I’m talking about. The one you love the most, whether it be that relaxing jazz lounge or rowdy dive bar. For me, Jack and Charlies is an experience, where the atmosphere brings out the best of you, the whispering of Frank Sinatra in your ears, and the infamous blend of sweet and smooth guaranteed from every cocktail. Mmm, I could go for another right now.

The best thing about this place, and the night I said goodbye to Visalia, was our bartender, David. It’s such a rare thing to find a great bartender – and David tops ’em all. How many bartenders do you know that are magicians as well?? He was sweet, giving me one last show as a farewell gift and telling me stories about Frank Sinatra and Houdini. It was the perfect night to end the chapter of my life in Visalia, and it was bittersweet.

As hard as it is to walk away from the comforts of this life and into the unknown abroad, I know deep down, my love affair with Visalia was never meant to last.


4 comments on “My written farewell to Visalia”

  1. Welcome Home Alex. We all love you.

  2. Your gone! Oh man, I feel like I’ve misssed something huge. YOU!
    Well, I understand your plight for the future and a more meaningful and satisfying challenge. I wish you well and I will pray for all good things to come your way. I await your emails and will visit your blog to see the turn of events. Good Luck and fare thy well my friend.

  3. Thanks Denise! See you tomorrow evening!

    @Pat I’m truly going to miss your friendship and will gladly accept your prayers! When I come visit, I will definitely stop by to see you and Ziggy…wish you all the best as well!

  4. And so a new chapter begins for me as well….

    Alexandria is my daughter, she has inspired me more than she knows.
    My heart is full with excitement & and a pride that only a mother can feel.

    Fly and explore like you never have before, my little light foot!

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