Picking nature’s pocket

By: Alexandria Riedinger

Apr 10 2010

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Category: Life & Happenings

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“A poet ought not to pick nature’s pocket. Let him borrow, and so borrow as to repay by the very act of borrowing. Examine nature accurately, but write from recollection, and trust more to the imagination than the memory.” – Samuel Taylor Coleridge

I thought of this quote as I was out watering our garden last night. I was tired….I really didn’t want to be out there. But, once I started, something about just being out there and being open to all my senses, hearing the birds singing, seeing the last rays of the sun drift behind the trees, feeling the connection to the seeds I’ve planted…really moved something in me and I found myself no longer tired, but alive. This market garden, it’s called because it’s larger than an average garden, but not quite a farm, gives me a new experience every time I go out there. Every single time…even pulling weeds, which I found to actually be kind of relaxing, is a new experience every time.

Even though I haven’t been traveling or writing as much and I would have liked to (this gardening does take more time than I thought), I am still experiencing new things every day that keep me focused on my goals of being a travel writer and WWOOFer.

I read something recently where a writer asked, what do you have to do to feel like you’re living? And to me…I feel like I’m living when I experience something new or different for the first time. Whether it’s when I’m traveling to a new place, writing a post on a new subject, or just riding my bike on a country road I’ve never been down before. And that’s why I love what I’m doing right now…because each day is a new experience, and picking nature’s pocket gives me the feeling that I’m living.

So to you, what do you have to do to feel like you’re living?


One comment on “Picking nature’s pocket”

  1. Alex I commented on your post prematurely before I had read what you had written. I now understand more of what you were asking,and to me it is more about what you have described. It is to me more about what I feel, see and smell every morning first thing when I step outside for the first time and see my flowers, take my first deep breath of the morning air and actually “feel” alive and very blessed. We all have so much natural beauty surrounding us if we will only give it a presence in our lives. Thank-you for your morning writing. Be Blessed ~

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