Traveling into the heart of Mexico

By: Alexandria Riedinger

May 10 2010

Category: Life & Happenings, Travel & Adventure


“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” -African Proverb

With it being two years since I’ve flown out of the country, I am thrilled to say, I am finally getting back on that international plane!

With my backpack, that is quite comparably the size of me (being only 5’2 that’s not hard) ready to go, passport ready to be stamped, and my best “encantado de conocerle!” mustered, I am ready to travel into the heart of Mexico….Mexico City that is!

For a week I will be living and experiencing the way any Mexico travel should be like, with the locals! And this won’t be any ordinary, go do what the tourists do, trip…no way! This is a special trip, and here’s why:

  • I’m traveling with a very good, trustworthy friend (you don’t have to be worried about my safety I assure you! and he’s a firefighter!) who was born in Mexico…think personal translator and tour guide for my not-so-ready Spanish.
  • We’ll be staying with families, not in hotels. How could you possibly get more immersed in the culture than by experiencing an abuelita in la cocina!?
  • I am traveling “lightly” with only my backpack and my essentials, the MacBook and camera. This will be good preparation for my round-the-world travels later on when I travel minimalistic like my friend Colin. And as a female, we have a bad rep for over packing, but I’m proud to say, I do NOT have a new outfit for every day.
  • This will also be my first experience as a sustainable traveler! I’ve researched what kind of carbon footprint this will leave behind through a carbon foot print calculator and although I’ll be contributing to 1,772 lbs of CO2 (yikes!) I have done my part to offset this by investing back into other projects provided by Terra Pass. I’ve also used many travel tips and resources from one of my favorite green travel sites, Go Green Travel Green.

So for now, hasta luego! and as soon as I can find a good internet connection, I will update you from south of the border!!


2 comments on “Traveling into the heart of Mexico”

  1. Alex, congratulations.. This is really cool news. I am going to enjoy reading about your travels.:-)

  2. Seeing Mexico the way you are will be an awesome experience. It’s such a beautiful country with delicious food. 🙂 Happy Travels & thanks for signing up for WiseGifter!

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