Get your head out of the way.

“Do what you’d do if you knew every dream could come true.”

Think about how different our world would be if we all lived by this phrase? How many of us would actually take those seemingly impossible leaps of faith because we knew that our dreams could come true. Would you do things differently? Would you actually go after the dreams you have in life, like Milo here and sleep all day if you wanted to?

I would certainly hope so.

And I say we should live like that now. What’s stopping us?? I believe it’s really all in that crazy head of yours that has been getting in the way every so often. I’ve been learning (and experiencing) more and more about the power of the mind and how what is perceived to be true in your head, whether actually true or not, can easily become truth to you, engulfing you in a whole separate,  daunting reality. Speaking of perceptions, my fierce and always questioning Ashley at The Middle Finger Project, just wrote a post stating that “many of us allow our perceptions dictate our paths in life.” And I whole-heartedly agree with her point that while our perceptions may or may not be truth, we should always be open to questioning them. In my own life, I’m finding that the more I question, the more I come to understand and in turn, the more I know about myself and my own perceptions.

Leaving you with Ashley’s last words because I love them so much…

“there are those who will continue to do things the way they always have, limited by their own beliefs, and there are those who, instead, will embrace difference, allowing their beliefs to be continually reworked and remolded, essentially providing them with a very powerful freedom that few experience.”


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