All Things Be Ready

“All things are ready, if our minds be so.”
William Shakespeare

It’s amazing what happens when we’re open to possibilities, to people, and to life. I can think of so many times where good, unexpected things have happened while I was open to receiving whatever life brought my way. And I feel it’s been happening more lately. The kind of people I want in my life have been surfacing, the success I want for my writing has been building, and I feel even more capable of doing the meaningful things in life I want.

It’s almost as if I am now attracting all the right things to myself. Don’t get me wrong, my life is not perfect and there have been a few challenges, but staying optimistic about the good in my life and being thankful for it, has helped get me through the rough times.

Today has been one of those unexpectedly amazing days that I believe happened because my mind was ready for it to happen. My bike led me through Bidwell Park to downtown this morning to enjoy the much-anticipated farmers market that I’ve come to love so much. And after a slow round of the market, I experienced a day that led me to more than just meeting a few interesting people.

I stopped to say hello to a favorite English chicken farmer that I’ve actually come to know quite well because of his charming personality and distinctive bow ties. Chris brings old wooden crates to the Thursday night and Saturday markets filled with an assortment of different colored and sized eggs, allowing you to pick each and every one of the dozen you buy. And a good story always comes with it. Last Thursday, he enthusiastically assured me and the Senor (my husband, for that is what I’ll refer to him as from now on) that he had remarkable physic powers and after he had an “ok” from the Senor, he predicted…that I was going to receive, but he couldn’t say how or from whom oh my!, a beautiful bouquet of flowers that evening! In all his usual charisma and vitality, I noticed the small, but obvious little wink to my dear Senor. We all laughed and although I did not receive a bouquet of flowers like predicted, I did receive a free carton of eggs. Even better.

So I visited with Chris this morning and our conversation led to me setting up a time to visit his chicken farm for a tour. You may ask why I would care to see a farm…of chickens…but hey, that’s what I’m into. Don’t you want to know where your food comes from?! I do. And the fact that I’m not on a farm any more, surrounded by animals and growing food, makes me feel slightly disconnected. Thankfully I live close to a large park at least.

After leaving Chris and his merry eggs, I meandered over to an organic rice farm by the name of Massa Organics. A really good conversation sparked up with Amber, a close friend of the owners and manager of their booth, where she told me to come for a visit to see their farm and unique straw bale house. She gave me some great references for local non-profs such as GRUB Chico, and community gardens in the area and informed me of the right people to get to know. One of those people was Terry Givens, the Market Manager of the Farmers Market, who I was introduced to by Amber when she happened to walk by a second later.

An hour of conversation about the market, Chico, and the community here with Terry led me to meet a very nice friend of hers, who I cannot remember the sweet lady’s name, but she gave me even more of an insight into Chico’s unique culture. Through her, whom I met because of Terry, whom I met because of Amber, whom I met because of Chris, I was ultimately introduced to a weekly columnist, Nancy, for Chico’s Enterprise Record, a local newspaper. And as usual, I became wide-eyed and bushy-tailed to meet another writer and excitedly expressed I was an aspiring writer eager to write locally. AND SHE SAID….”would you like to help me write my column every other week about food?”

“All things be ready, if our minds be so.” Because of today, I believe in these words even more.

And as if that wasn’t good enough, on the way home, something made me stop at a yard sale where I was destined to come across three chocolate chip cookies and “For Whom The Bell Tolls” by Hemingway. I’ve been wanting to read more Hemingway actually.  And to further brighten the day….I rode past a group of tomato plants just hopelessly waiting to be taken home, for free.

So with a new hope, book, and tomato plant in hand, I rode on to new possibilities, people, and life.


One comment on “All Things Be Ready”

  1. wow don’t you just love the way life works? 🙂

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