Watch Me Do It

By: Alexandria Riedinger

Sep 06 2010

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“The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.” – Walter Baghot

I’m sure these words hit home to some of you, as they should. There have been plenty of people in history who have defied others only to prove that whatever couldn’t be done, actually could be done. And they went out and did it. I’ve been told recently that there are things I just can’t do, things that just can’t happen, and beliefs that I just can’t have. And you know what I say to those people? Watch me.

It’s not that this will be something in my life that I obsess over just to prove people wrong, because really, I will be out doing those things rather than worrying about doing those things. But I feel this driving me even more to accomplish the things that “cannot be done”. And I write this because I want to know if you have ever truly thought about if other people’s voices are stopping you from doing what you know you can do? Have you recognized in your mind what these things are? And are you going to get up the courage to do them and prove those people wrong?! Because obviously, we know they are wrong.

So as I continue to push well beyond the boundaries of what people think I cannot do, and hopefully you are too, here is an update to the goals I set when I moved to Chico.

  • I will embark on a monthly camping trip that includes discovering natural beauties and sustainable practices in the Northern part of California and write about it.

So far, I have gone up and down the state camping, see my last post, gone to State Parks around Chico and have enjoyed nature’s playgrounds and water bodies such as the Oroville Lake and Forebay, which I will write more about following this.

  • Support weekly our local farmers markets and continue to eat seasonally, locally and organic whenever possible.

It’s turned into a date night to walk or bike to the market where we buy only local, seasonal food. And if I can’t get it there and absolutely have to have the item, I go to our local coop health food store, Chico Natural Foods or Trader Joes. I’ve also made an effort everywhere I can to purchase eco-friendly products for my home from shampoo to dish soap to paper towels.

  • Plant a garden, or get involved in a community garden, and continue to expand my knowledge about permaculture.

I’ve attempted to keep my tomato plant alive, but the heat here is not helping and it’s looking pretty sad. So failed there, but there is a community garden project here I still need to get in touch with. However the library has provided good books on organic gardening for more reading.

  • Ride my bike everywhere or use my feet, only using a vehicle when absolutely necessary.

Just took a 5 mile ride around the park today and ride almost daily to my favorite cafe to work.

  • Maintain a minimalistic lifestyle without being a normal, hoarding consumer. Which I’m happy to say, I’m down to owning only four total boxes of clothes, books, essential kitchen ware…and shoes.

I’ve only bought what is absolutely necessary, and I mean absolutely. We don’t even have a couch. You can’t fit a couch in a backpack. And materialistic things only weigh you down I’ve discovered. The less the better. And I’ve been slowly donating away my clothes with the idea that I will replace them with only good quality, travel durable clothes when the time comes.

  • Get published locally and online and continue to expand my writing resume,

Since moving here, I have had three stories published for a local entertainment magazine called The Synthesis, and I have to say it’s exciting to see my name in print! I’ve been interviewing bands that are on tour and coming into town and it’s been a great way to check the scene here and discover new music.

  • And train for a half-marathon in Tahoe this coming September with my friend, Brenna.

Well I’ve been training! Worked up to 7 miles, when I pulled a muscle in my foot and had to let it heal for the past two weeks. Which unfortunately leaves me unprepared to run in the heat, altitude and longevity of Tahoe’s 13.1 miles. So, Brenna and I have decided to continue training and will find another race. In the mean time, we’re participating in a 3 mile “mud run” in Sacramento this Halloween, complete with costumes, an obstacle course and lots of mud…which I am totally looking forward to!

Keeping these smaller goals in mind and working on them daily, I am able to continue moving forward towards accomplishing my larger goals, such as becoming a travel writer, teaching about sustainability, and moving around the world. If you’ve been putting off writing your own goals down, I highly encourage you to do so again.

And have the courage to go after the things that people say cannot be done!


2 comments on “Watch Me Do It”

  1. Have you been and returned already from Austria? Perhaps your writing this from Austria. Have a great Labor Day weekend. Were going to a fishing derby contest with family and then a cookout to follow the derby.
    Just put in five grinding hours in flower beds preparing for the Annual Gilcrest Fam. picnic, which we will be hosting this year. Approx 40-50 people should be attending. So I drag out all my Fall and Halloween decor and get dried corn stalk from a local farmer to put outside leaned up against the pillars in the patio for an Americana touch of fall. Next fall I will be traveling to Vermont to enjoy Fall color and the gorgeous USA in the Fall. LovenHugs Me

  2. omg alex sounds the mud run sounds like so much fun! You’re goals are so amazing and awe inspiring. I can’t wait to read all about them.

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