Uncovering your passion & purpose

By: Alexandria Riedinger

Sep 17 2010

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Focal Length:20mm
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Camera:FinePix S1500

“The most characteristic mark of a great mind is to choose some one important object, and pursue it for life.”
– Anna Letitia Barbauld

A conversation with the Señor earlier this month about discovering your passion and pursuing it for life, brought me back to the struggle I went through and the one we may all go through, to find our passion. Through some timely self exploration I came to understand what my passions are, how I came to uncover them, and my beliefs about how I will pursue those passions (for I do believe that each and every one of us has a purpose and reason for why we were granted this life on Earth and it may directly involve what we are passionate about). Now I may make it sound easy, but truthfully it was not, and I would imagine for most of us, it will not be that way.

Looking back at the small journal I keep with me at all times, I have been going through this process of exploration since December of 2009. It’s incredible to read back through the pages of my journal, now just shy of a year later, and see how I’ve grown. In the beginning, there was the first description of how I desired so badly to feel alive, to be intertwined with the nature of the world around me and to share that with others. I discovered through other bloggers, photographers and writers, just how inspirational words can be and reveled at the fact that so many of them moved me. I have always written myself, but my desire to write with more passion like those I admired really opened up my writers’ soul. And from this, I found that I had a stronger voice and ambition through my words than I knew of, as I had never originally given enough energy to.

But I continued to surround myself by people of inspiration and pushed myself to write with more conviction. This then led me to a life changing New Year’s Resolution. To have the courage to follow my dreams of being a travel writer. Making the decision is the hardest part and has been through this whole process for me. But once you decide to go after your dreams, to take that first infinitely small step, things immediately change and shift in your life. And from there, all the pieces seems to fall in place. Or at least they did for me and I don’t doubt they will for you if you keep your end goal in perspective.

Then one day, I made this vow: everyday I will take a small, but meaningful step to becoming a travel writer. Ever since I wrote that, I have everyday done something to further improve myself. Whether it was something travel related, writing related or personal that helped me become a stronger person, I did it. And you can too. Since I’ve lived by this sentence for almost a year, things have changed, and happened for me in ways I would not have imagined. It’s an incredible feeling to look back at where I was this time last year, and recognize that I am light years ahead, both personally and professionally. Everything has fallen into place, and the things that have seemed like road blocks were really just there to teach me something and make me stronger. I’m sure you’ve heard things along this line already, but honestly….it is true. And I’m living proof. And if I am, then you are too.

Through my experience and through your own self-guided questions about your life’s work that makes you come alive, I hope to bring you within your sights of uncovering your passion and purpose.

Like the quote above suggests, “chose some one important object” which I believe can mean your passion. And yes, I won’t discount the fact that this “one important object” can mean quite literally for some, an object of the tangible sort. But while I believe the most important ‘objects’ in life are those that are intangible, to me, the “one important object” is my passion. It’s what makes me come alive, it’s what keeps me always striding forward, it is what pushes me to think past my boundaries and pre-conceived ideas and question…and therefore learn.

Have you discovered what your passions are in life? And are you going to go after it and continue to pursue it?


3 comments on “Uncovering your passion & purpose”

  1. As I have uncovered my passion already, I too am going through the process of making my goal of being a photographer realized. I find it to be a great inspiration to follow you on journey.

    It would be great to get together and go on a photography outing now that you have the new camera.


  2. I too have rediscovered my passion….to provide a place in my heart and home for those I love the most. You have been a part of this passion & journey that will always keep me “alive”.

    Your written words are beautiful and inspiring to all who read…but only I can truly understand your passion because I am the woman who gave you life, a connection we will always have <3.

    With love…your mom:)

  3. I think I visited your blog many months ago when you added me as a friend on FB. I don’t think that you had your interests listed then. Wow, just wow. I have been stuffing the desire to be a travel writer down in a deep dark hole. I’ve sorta compromised by getting a degree in teaching English so that I can travel while teaching. But, I know the fatigue from doing something uninspiring will sap my desire to write. Thank you for your courage and reminding others it’s possible.

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