We are not guided by reason

“Love knows no virtue, no merit; it loves and forgives and tolerates everything because it must. We are not guided by reason.” -Leopold von Sacher-Masoch

I took a ride on my bike this morning through lower Bidwell Park. Where I normally turn to ride back towards my house, I rode on feeling like I wanted to take on the unknown today. At the peak of upper Bidwell Park there was a grassy picnic area where families were throwing birthday parties and boys and girls alike were feeling adventurous. I stopped in to sit on an inviting bench overlooking the river. Near me, children of, I would guess, five or six, were running and playing around the park and overlooking bridge. I watched them in awe of how enthusiastic these kids were about every tree, leaf, and fish in the river. I overheard a group of little girls saying they wished they were older, and a group of little boys saying one of their friends kissed a girl. It was the sweetest thing. One thing I recognized was the creativity and imagination of these kids, and how their freedom of expression was incredible!

I’ve never grown up around kids, myself being the baby of the family, so now when I’m around them, they just fascinate me. And it’s always brought up the question for me: Where and when in time, did these outgoing, passionate dreamers decide to grow up, settle for a life without adventure and dreams and become ‘responsible’ adults? It almost saddens me when I see parents calling at their kids to stay out of there, come back, and don’t do that! Ok, so I’ve never had kids, but I say let them go on playing and dreaming and imagining! What’s the worst that could happen? The kid could grow up to become a dreamer and actually do the things he or she wanted to do when they were little? Is that so bad??

Like the quote, children are not guided by reason, they are guided by love. And it is the simple kind of love. The kind that makes them excited about climbing trees, picking up leaves, and chasing fish, just because they love to!

So my thought for the day was let us be guided by love, let us always be guided by love. Because the kid in us all, wants to.


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