To Live At Every Moment

“Wallowing in the past may be good literature. As wisdom, it’s hopeless. Time Regained is Paradise Lost, and Time Lost is Paradise Regained. Let the dead bury their dead. If you want to live at every moment as it presents itself, you’ve got to die to every other moment.”
– Aldous Huxley

Yes, it’s a little melodramatic I agree, but for an American poet, he gets straight to the point. To think that in order to live in this moment right here, you have to surrender all the moments behind you and all the ones ahead of you.

As the moments of your year has passed behind you, and you’ve learned to compost this old life, it’s now time to decide what you are going to do with what you’ve learned.

You could always ignore it all, leave the compost there and never use it. Live like you’ve been living, without adding the nutrients and benefits of this recycle material to your life.

OR….you can integrate all you’ve learned and composted, to make your life better this year.

This year. Not next year. This is the year you can start living your most authentic life. Because let’s be honest here, you have only limited time on this Earth, and can’t afford to waste it. Make the decision and set your goals to change your life to how you really want it to be. Last year at this time, I decided I wanted something more out of my experience here on Earth. I wanted to live a life that had meaning to me and to others, that was totally and completely 100% authentic for me. And honestly, I didn’t know what that looked like at the time. But just from making that first decision, I came alive. And I started doing things that I’ve never done before. I started seeing the things that mattered and didn’t matter in a different way. As I started having new experiences, I discovered what my authentic life would look like. And you can too, but it will be differenent for you and for everyone else.

You have to figure out what living your most authentic life means to you.

To me, living my most authentic life means living a life of moments. It means surrendering myself completely to the present moments. It means creating moments in which I feel so incredibly alive that I can stare in awe of the true wonders of life around me. It means living as a connected whole, to my inner most self and to the natural world around me. It means living a life of inspiration, passion, and creativity. It means living a life of love.

Once you decide what your most authentic life is, set your goals to achieve that life this year. A way to help make this easier that worked miraculously for me, is to imagine all the details of your perfect day…what you did, what you saw, how you felt, and write it down. This will give you an insight to what is important to you and reading it over and over again will help you get there.



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