Learning to Transition to Nature

“Despite the gardener’s best intentions, Nature will improvise.” – Michael P. Garafalo

We owe it all to Nature. Nature, who has always brought us full circle with it from one season to the next. Summer, fall, winter, and spring, who seems to be peeking its beautiful blossoms right around the corner as we speak. We all know the seasons very well, but have you ever known to appreciate them the way a gardener does? For each season, we all have experiences we associate with them and can usually recollect quickly what they are.

However, as a gardener, things are incredibly different. Not only do you see the seasons are different, but you see life is different.

I’m learning quickly that each season has so much more purpose than what we normally see at the surface of everyday life. There’s so much more going on that we don’t see! At a recent talk I went to given by internationally known, sustainable farmer Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms, he said, “most of life is happening in the realm we don’t see everyday.” His talk was incredible, and his passion and knowledge inspiring! In an upcoming post, I’ll summarize what he said about how Nature’s own balance of ecology is in life we don’t normally see.

Now, I’m starting to see things very differently from the life I’ve lived in the past.

And I’ve decided, this is the place to really share that with you. In hopes that you see things differently as well. It’s not just about seeing things in life with a different perspective, it’s about actually seeing life! The life around you, as is Nature’s intent with the coming and passing of the seasons.

It took me, getting my hands in the dirt and understanding the way things grow, to really understand the world around me. When you understand how an ecosystem in a garden works, with its many relationships between plant life, animal life, and the environment, you can understand a bit how the world works. Because the best way to garden, is to mimic Nature and the harmonious relationships she creates between all. I’m not going to reveal it all now, because that is for another post…many other posts!

In simple words, My Alexandriar! is here to share my experience of transitioning from a traditional, consumerist lifestyle to a natural and sustaining one.

I realized the other day, that my entire 24 years of life have been spent consuming, and wanting, and living with not much regard for what this world was providing for me. And I do not blame it on my parents, or anyone for that matter, it’s a lifestyle that was taught to them and they taught to me. Just an evolution of our society’s beliefs that we can continue to use our planet’s resources for our over-indulgent needs, without any consequences. The way we currently live is not natural by any means!

And a year ago, I decided I didn’t want to live like that. It felt like I was living blinded to the real, natural, beautiful world around me.

So if you’re tired of the life you’re living, if you’re feeling numb to your own environment, then follow me as I reveal the challenges of confronting all the beliefs we have about our current way of living. And as I learn all that is needed to transition into a better way of living in harmony with Nature, you’ll learn. Because in all reality, Nature has always worked perfectly, even if it improvised. Just the way it should.

And I do want to be honest, I am not an eco-nut and will never try to convince you to stop shaving your armpits, as bad as that is for a stereotype, or something equally absurd. I want to change what I can; my beliefs, my habits, my mindset, to better my life and life around me, but I will be real with you. Sometimes, I still eat chain food, and sometimes I will use chemicals that are bad for the environment, and yes, I drive a truck (but I share it with el Senor). All I ask, is that we do what we can, and when we have choices, we make the best ones for ourselves and for others.

So stay with me as there is a lot of discovering to do, Nature’s lessons to be learned, and some digging to endure.



One comment on “Learning to Transition to Nature”

  1. Nicely stated my dear! Looking forward to your transition and reading ALL about it! As well as learning along with you 😉

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