The Search for Authenticity

By: Alexandria Riedinger

Mar 29 2011

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Category: Life & Happenings

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“Be yourself. Who else is better qualified?” – Frank Giblin II

In the search for authenticity, you might find that you define yourself by your past, by what you’ve done, or by the experiences you have. You might even say your authentic self is based on what you believe. But let me ask you this…if your experiences are always changing, and your beliefs change too, then by those limits, your authentic self is not static, right?

Life around us always changes. Our outside experiences always change from day to day. And therefore our beliefs can also change based on what happens to us.

But us, our true authentic selves, are still there. Always there. The core of what we are, is not defined by what we experience or a shifting perception of beliefs we have. It’s deeper. It’s the vibrations of energy, of life, of love that is us and that which connects us to everything.

This is something I’ve learned recently and something I truly believe wholeheartedly. And part of this has been taught by quieting my mind, and experiencing the vibrancy of life within the illusional stillness of nature. Whether in the community garden I go to each week, or through walks into Bidwell Park, there is so much for me and you to learn.


One comment on “The Search for Authenticity”

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