Life is a Process

By: Alexandria Riedinger

May 03 2011

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Category: Life & Happenings

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“Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through.” – Anais Nin.

I believe that as a person, you will always continue to develop. And if you’re fortunate by means of your own self, you will develop in your own authentic way.

Life is a process of becoming. We will always be going through these different states in life. Always moving, whether it seems like some days we are moving forward or some days we are moving backwards. I don’t think there is ever a time where we are done with this process. Where we reach the end point and finally become what we want to become. We may think we get there, but then life always seems to challenge that, and  with a slap in the face the process continues.

I’ve seen myself go through this process of becoming. From what I was a year ago, from what I was five years ago, I’m in this constant state of developing where I can almost witness this unfolding of myself in just a day’s time. Five years ago, I was in the middle of my sophomore year in college at California State University Fresno. It was a pivotal time for me because I had just applied for the One-on-One Exchange Program to spend the next semester in Paris. I was anxious, and a bit scared to go, but there was something inside me that wouldn’t allow me to back out. Call it a gut feeling or something, it was there that time and it’s been in my life frequently when fear comes up to do something. It’s that feeling that we all have that pushes us to become better and we can feel it’s a breaking point. Whether we listen to it or not is another story. But even more so now, when I recognize that feeling, I know it’s there because it’s about to lead me somewhere.

I think this feeling we have that encourages us to do none other than our best, is the thing that carries us from one process to the next of our becoming.

A year ago, I decided to leave behind a life and a relationship in Visalia that was fun, full of experiences, and honestly it would have been great! My life would have been incredible, but it would have also been predictable. It’s almost as if I knew exactly how it would turn out. And to some people, that may sound like a good thing and it may be what people want. But I had that feeling that kept creeping up. The one that said there is something that is coming that will change me. Whether I did something about it or not.

You may have felt it once. Or you may be feeling it now. It’s that feeling of knowing there’s something that is going to shift for you. It may be scary not knowing what will happen, but know that it’s going to lead you into another state of being.

Because it is all a part of the process of becoming.


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