The Choice of Consciousness

By: Alexandria Riedinger

May 17 2011

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Category: Life & Happenings, Sustainability

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“The only thing you can control is your own effort.” -Theodora van den Beld

Every day is full of choices. And to me, the choices I make have never mattered as much as they do now. The awareness I’ve developed through making choices consciously, is almost honed to a point where it comes naturally.

This awareness of life around me and how the choices I make affect life around me, has changed my world. This blog is about my transition from a traditional “American” lifestyle, based on greedy materialism and mindless consumerism, to a lifestyle that brings about more awareness. And while I feel I’ve been making conscious choices everyday, I realized I haven’t shared many of them yet.

There’s the things that seem small, like recycling, catching rainwater to reuse for the garden, showering less, washing my clothes in cold water, etc. And it’s not only a change in the acts I do, but in my thinking also. I’ve broken old thinking patterns that put an emphasis on materials and things, and have refocused my thoughts to go deeper than that. To see people, animals, trees, everything as living and to see the connection I have with it all is something that I’ve come to really love.

And I feel that each one of the choices I make, the act of doing them makes me feel even more alive and conscious. I’ve learned it’s about doing things consciously. So many days it’s easy to do things without thinking, casting our awareness out like it doesn’t matter. It happens when throwing the extra food in the trash when it could be composted, leaving the water running before getting in the shower to “heat up,” or having five lights on all over the house when only using a single room.

I’ve found that as this consciousness builds, more and more I cannot ignore it. It’s a feeling I’ve never had before. Now I care where I put my trash. Now I care what I put in my body. Now I care what I put on my face and skin. Have you ever put lotion on and forgot about it, then licked your fingers and the taste was so repulsive it made you sick? I love that that doesn’t happen to me anymore. I now use coconut oil to soften my skin and I take comfort in knowing that if I happen to lick my fingers, it won’t taste bad and I won’t be ingesting harmful chemicals. It’s about things like that…making those conscious choices to better life.

And while it may seem overwhelming – and I’ll admit, sometimes it can be to think about what you can/should be doing better – I feel great knowing I’m making choices that are bettering my life and the life around me. And the best part…in this consciousness, I am not only thinking of myself anymore. I know my choices not only affect me, but everything around me. Because I am part of everything around me, and everything around me is part of me.


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