Making our Fate

“Whatever limits us we call Fate.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I rode my bike to the community garden this morning and to my surprise, found there was no work to be done, only breakfast to be had! So for once, I sat down without my blue rubber boots and gloves and enjoyed an amazing batch of blueberry pancakes with my friends! Thanks to a few great donations, we were given a stove, counter space, and utensils to share what we knew of cooking with other community gardeners. It’s a project I am so excited to be a part of because I really don’t know how to cook everything in our garden.

But our first breakfast together was incredibly delicious….the pancake mix came from Chico Natural Foods Coop, the blueberries I hand-picked at Hansen’s Farm U-pick in Corning and the local honey just topped it off perfectly. In between very large bites, I started up a conversation with another gardener around my age about baking. She and I both love to bake and were sharing vegan recipes and ideas to start baking together.

In the mix of it all, our ultimate goals for life and happiness were added in (pun intended).

She told me she was tired of working hard only to fulfill someone else’s goals. And she wanted to make a life where she would be in charge of what she did that day. To be happy, she needed to be the one making the decisions, not leaving them to someone else. She knew what she wanted, but didn’t know exactly how to make it happen.

For a second, I remembered being in her position and wondering what it would be like to feel I had sole control over what I did during my days. Last year, I was in her shoes. And I told her that.

I also told her the best part was when the decision was made, regardless of action or not, it instantly changed everything. And she would never be happy going back to what once was. I felt like I wanted to tell her everything that I went through last year and how scary, but rewarding it was to take the leap. I wanted to tell her to do it. To go for it. And never look back.

It was like talking to my year-ago-self. And I loved every second of it.

It rejuvenated me to know there are people out there like me, that want to change their lives. That aren’t settling for living with other people’s dreams. That are searching for their own creation, their own mix of life and happiness.

To all of you out there like me, let’s continue to make our dreams real for ourselves. No one else can do it and my life is proof that it can be done!


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